Rachel Henry Millinery


Rachel Henry

Melbourne, Australia

Millinery is a dynamic and ever-changing industry.  The excitement from continual discovery within the industry is what drives me to keep designing and creating.

From small sketches on a piece of paper, to the cutting of luxury materials; these important stages of the design process are reasons why I love doing what I do.  I get excited about each and every detail - it's what I describe as the ‘positive impact’ of making a great piece.  

A great hat makes you feel confident, fantastic and even unique.  I like it when my connection with a finished product is passed on to the wearer.  Seeing the positive energies from a great piece transfer to the wearer is empowering.  It’s like putting on a great pair of shoes and equally as addictive.

I get inspired by the spirit of a time or mood of a movement whether it be political, cultural, architectural or fashion through the art of millinery.  inspiration however, can at times be simply from the touch of fabric or the sound of a song.


All of the pieces are made by me using age old techniques and a mix of traditional and contemporary materials ranging from beautifully coloured summer straws to delicate ombre silks to the richness of fine leather.  Each piece is lovingly sewn by hand ensuring a certain uniqueness.